Meet the Producers

John Anglim and Academy Award® Winner Susan Hannah Hadary

Susan Hannah Hadary and John Anglim are the producers for MedSchool Maryland Productions. With over twenty years of production experience, their talents have been recognized with Emmy Awards and numerous other awards from the film/tv industry and by health professional groups. Hadary is the recipient of an Oscar® and a Peabody Award for the short documentary KING GIMP.

MedSchool Maryland Productions, is a self-funded autonomous program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, dedicated to improving the worlds of individuals with special needs and challenges through sharing life stories and experiences which can be used nationally for public awareness, education and training.

The most recent Anglim-Hadary documentary collaborations include: “Departing Rosewood” – The journey of a young man leaving an institution to live independently in the community; “The 36 Hour Day” – A four year profile documenting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease; “Understanding Joy” – a case study on gambling addiction; and, “Walter P. Carter: Champion for Change” – tribute to overcoming racial barriers during the 1960’s. Shorter format Anglim-Hadary documentaries produced to impact public awareness and address special needs include: “Understanding Why? Autism and Other Mystery Disorders of the Brain;” “Responding to Urban Trauma;” “Better My World;” and “Put a Little Love in Your Life.”

In addition to theatrical releases for documentaries, over 30 hours of programming produced by MedSchool Maryland Productions have been offered, acquired or commissioned by HBO, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Discovery Health and Public Television Stations.